Saturday, December 20, 2014

See "Havana Now" by JK McCrea: Photos taken just two years prior to Obama's announcement about the opening of relations

Here is a sample of photos that appear in JK McCrea's book about Havana Now  (first "rough working" edition)

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working" book
This photo was near the Hemingway port called Cojimar.

Locals sit at the Hemingway monument at Cojimar waiting to serenade for tips. The crutch is appropriately placed to get more tip money.

Cars are kept running, any time, any where.  Here these young men are working at 8:58 p.m. outside their apartment in Vedado, south of La Rampa Blvd. near the Hotel Nacional.

Old Havana entry on the north
School boys in uniform

Tourists feeding 
in Old Havana

The 50-year-old 
Parisien" statue
Outside the
Friars bar and restaurant
located in a former
religious site

Hotel Nacional's famous history bar
Girls' school in a 
former mansion

Tourists only!  Hotel Nacional's 
morning buffet
Breakfast costs just over half a month's 
salary of a typical Cuban resident
Cars are 
well-protected in 
this private garage
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