Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to prepare for your trip to Havana: Conner Gorry's interview on NPR, her blog, and her writing as a Lonely Planet guide

Read about Francis
Conner Gorry's blog is my latest pleasure.  
"Oh, this is what I should have done!"
"I was right down the street from this place!"  
"If I had only known..."

She was interviewed in this 2009 piece on NPR

She used the phrase "Anthropological Tourism" (the first time I'd ever heard the phrase) in the interview and I realized, "Hey, that's what I've been doing."  

Here's her blog:
Link to Conner Gorry's blog

Her description of her bicycle is central to what I understand about the experience in Havana:  it's a barely walkable city -- a bicycle would REALLY help.   

To give you some visual interest, here's a screenshot of her Havana blog 

and a shot of one of her articles

Link to the Cuba Absolutely article about dinosaurs

As a teacher, my job is to look for mentors for my students and I can think of a number of recent students who could use a role model like Conner Gorry.  She has that spunk of "Free Agent" (described by Dan Pink) and the determination of the person with initiative (one of the 7 global skills that Tony Wagner writes about).

Here's her "about" page on her website

Why not click and read some of her blog posts?

And for iphone and ipadders:  Havana Good Time iApp

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